Who do I talk to?









Eden from Grade 5 had a good idea, she told us how she would remember who she would talk to if she was feeling unsafe.

People like her big brothers, her teachers, a police man and her Aunty or Uncle and her school friends.

Can you think of 5 people that you could talk to if you were feeling unsafe?

Think about the people you trust most in the world. These people could be your

  • Mum,
  • Dad,
  • Caregiver, 
  • Adult friend,
  • Adult neighbour,
  • Grandma,
  • Grandad,
  • your Teacher,
  • your Auntie or Uncle, or
  • an older Brother or Sister?

Now think of other people who you may not know but you think you can trust because of the job that they do. They may be

  • Policemen or women, the Welfare Coordinator at School,
  • the Minister or Leader of your church, temple or synagogue,
  • your parents' friends,
  • your friends' parents,
  • your Doctor.

When you have thought of all the people you can trust, choose at least 5 who you feel you can trust the most because they care about you and you feel comfortable talking to them about your problems or things that are worrying you.

  • Ask these people if they are happy to be a person you can talk with.
  • Make sure that you have their phone numbers.
  • These people will become your network to help you keep yourself safe.
  • Nothing is so awful that you can't talk to someone about it.
  • Now that you have your network, you are on the way to keeping yourself safe.

Your Helping Hand

Draw your hand and put your five trusted adults with their phone numbers in the fingers. Keep your Helping Hand with you.

When you tell your trusted adults that you don’t feel safe, remember to

  • Take your time telling your story, don’t rush
  •  Be honest and tell your trusted adult about when you feel unsafe
  • Tell your trusted adult what you would like to happen, to feel safe
  •  Tell more than one trusted adult, they can help together
  • If what scares you is a secret, you will feel better when you tell
  • Scary secrets should not be kept
  • Sharing your fears really does help
  • You need help when you are feeling scared
  • Be as calm as you can be when you are sharing
  • Ask your trusted adult to help you practice what you might say or do when you feel unsafe

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