What do caring families look like?


We asked the students at Koo Wee Rup Primary School (P – Yr 6) their thoughts:

  • We found out that caring families don’t hit or yell; they do say I love you and help each other think of positive things when they are feeling down.
  • When someone asks you over, you have to check with your mum and dad. They won’t let you go if they don’t know them.
  • Mum and Dad say; I love you.
  • Caring families don’t hit each other, it leads to pain and it’s a disgrace.
  • If I am sad, my family helps me think of the positive side.
  • Caring families love you so much.
  • Family tells you that you are amazing and that they love you so much.
  • I thank my mum for being the best mum.
  • Motherly love (via text)
  • My dog is my friend, she is always happy to see me.
  • My dad helps me build a cubby house in the backyard every weekend
  • I help my little sister get ready for school
  • It’s really important to be caring in your family and friends
  • Just be a nice person
  • We go to the park together (family)
  • Eating dinner together


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