Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get into trouble if I tell someone?

Telling someone is hard but very important to do. The people who make you scared may not like you telling. If you don’t tell anyone, nothing will change. You have a right to be safe and the first step is telling someone you can trust and keep on telling until you feel safe.

What do I do if an adult I don't know tells me to do something?

If you do not recognise an adult who is telling you to come with them or get in their car or they know your mum, walk away. NEVER go with an adult you do not know.

What do I do when I feel scared at home?

Talk to an adult friend about how you feel. If you do not have an adult you can trust, teacher, Auntie, Uncle, neighbour, church minister, then go to your school principal or the police. They will know to listen and what to do.

What if I tell someone and they don't believe me?

If you have told a trusted adult and feel they have not taken you seriously or don’t believe you, try again. Speak with the same adult or another trusted adult friend. Keep speaking up until someone hears you. No-one deserves to be frightened.

I told my teacher and they spoke with my mum, now I'm scared I'm in trouble.

Tell your teacher that you are scared to go home and have your teacher come with you to speak with your mum. Feeling safe at home is very important. If it happens again, speak up again. Keep speaking up until someone listens and takes action so you can feel safe.

I spoke up and my mum did a parenting course and things are much better now.

Yes, there are services to help parents too. Sometimes speaking up and getting help for the whole family is just what is needed. Remember you are allowed to feel safe with your family and in your home. Sometimes our families need help too.

What do you do when bullies come back to school?

Tell them to stop and go straight to a teacher to let them know if the bullying is happening again. You have a right to feel safe at school.